Pinky Fucks The Shit Out Of Cherokee

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Pinky Fucks The Shit Out Of Cherokee

Pinky Fucks The Shit Out Of Cherokee

Pinky straps on massive dildo and gives Cherokee¬† the bizness.¬† Im wondering if Pinky should have been a dude the way she fucking this chick.¬† Easily one of the freakiest videos I’ve ever seen!!

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9 Responses to “Pinky Fucks The Shit Out Of Cherokee”

  1. geroge Says:


  2. ryan christian Says:

    wassup pinky an cherokee, that mocie was breath-taking fa real! Da only thing missin tho, of course was me.

  3. boogie Says:

    fuckin pay my way 2 fuck how much let me in

  4. mike Says:


  5. Ice desert Says:


  6. Coo Coo Says:

    she fuckn better than a nigga, hell, she fuck better than me, i’m taking notes, wen you can get fucked good and fuck good you da best, pinky da greatest ever live, suck dick better than superhead

  7. rady Says:

    damn pinky da way u fucked ha was……..damn dnt have any words 2 describe it u should holla at cha boii id deff fuck u both like dat

  8. aisha Says:

    pinky you have got little whats going on are you on cocain or something i wanted you to fuck with me and my man butshit you got to pick that ass and weight back up love ya

  9. RoyalFlush Says:

    Pinky bae dont u wanna come fuck me like that and let me lick that fat pussy of yours n cherokee is always welcome to join her fine ass

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