Big Booty Cherokee Riding On Dubs

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Big Booty Cherokee Riding On Dubs

Cherokee goes to get her rims fixed but the tire attendant doesn’t want to fix them at the shop.  He wants to give her special treatment and deliver the vehicle to her crib and wont take cash as payment.  You know what it is.

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9 Responses to “Big Booty Cherokee Riding On Dubs”

  1. carlos Says:

    I lake cherokee she nice she have nice ass

  2. Gato Says:

    Cherokee IS wonderful, awesome, I like her and her asses, im in love of those fat black and exciting assses. She is my fav.

  3. Maven Says:

    Damn love cherokee big nice azz

  4. Namon Brown Says:

    cherokee is definitely a real mans wet dream

  5. Helio Says:

    I like cherokee e need she ass

  6. Helio Says:

    I want to make love with the Cherokee, what it takes to get that ass?

  7. jhood24 Says:

    nice azz

  8. jhood24 Says:

    can i hit that

  9. black crew Says:

    Ilike her sweet Ass & I like to fuck her

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